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About Us

Gilchrist & Associates

Offers a variety of billing and coding services to our clients, including remote medical coding services for medical treatment facilities, hospitals and other medical locations. These services are performed by skilled, certified, professional specialists who maintain a current knowledge in 

this changing industry. Our remote medical coding services can be used on a short-term basis during peak times or on a regular, long-term basis as a substitution for in-house medical coding staff.

Improved Coding & Compliance

Another benefit of outsourcing your medical coding to Gilchrist & Associates is the ability to work with our medical coding experts. The certified coding specialists who perform our remote medical coding services are highly trained and experienced. These coders maintain a current knowledge of changing regulations in order to provide the most accurate results. Therefore, using our remote medical coding services can result in improved compliance.

Why Gilchrist & Associates?

Gilchrist & Associates remote medical coding services is cost effective as it allows you to: 

  • Avoid expensive travel costs:

Typically, if you hire a medical coding company on a short-term basis to offset an increased demand for coding services, you may need to include to travel costs associated with bringing the medical coding professionals to your facility. However, with our remote medical coding services, this unnecessary cost is eliminated.

  • Save space in your facility:
Remote medical coding can allow you to send your coding responsibilities to an off-site location, which will reduce the amount of space and costly equipment associated with in-house/on-site coding staff. This is especially important for smaller physician's practices and hospitals that are already pressed for space as it allows them to use this space for other needed functions.

  • Take advantage of coder efficiency and production:

Using remote medical coding services from Gilchrist & Associates will allow you access to as many or as few certified medical coding specialists as needed. This access can allow work to be performed more efficiently and in a timely manner without the costly expense of paying for extra workers when there is less work to be performed. Additionally, outsourcing your medical coding and billing process can minimize the costs and management challenges associated with employee Paid Time Off (PTO) and medical leave.